NRDA 2017 Dance Recital – “We can make your Hands CLAP”

NRDA 2017 Dance Recital Information

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017


851 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256

2 Shows:

Show #1 – 1:00pm

Show #2 – 4:30pm

It is almost time for our 2017 Dance Recital “We Can Make Your Hands Clap”!  And we bring back our DANCE DAD’S this year!

NRDA staff takes great pride in our annual recital and the dancer’s safety and security is our TOP PRIORTY! Our goal is an entertaining show for the dancers, staff and audience.

*Included in this information is one form that needs to be returned to studio for each family. Completed forms must be returned by May 6th, PAID IN FULL!  

SHOW #1, SHOW #2 ARE NOT MIRROR IMAGES OF EACH OTHER! Most dancers will be performing in one show some are in two. This was only chosen based on mixture of dances and ages. This ensures all our shows are only 2 hours and everyone loves that!! If you are in the dad’s dance you still must have a ticket to watch. You will come back stage about 2 acts before we dance. I receive tons of request regarding our show and I can’t honor most of them so I’m sorry in advance. Each family will be getting a personalized list of times for the Dance Recital, Picture Day and Dress Rehearsal which will be handed out in May.

*Recital Order Form

Dad’s Dance Practice Dates, Times and Info


THURSDAY, June 1st 5:30-9:00pm:


851 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256


A parent NEEDS to stay with dancer the entire time.  We all stay together in main auditorium and call acts “up on deck”. After your dancer performs, you are permitted to leave. We will NOT PRACTICE THE FINALE. This is a fun event for the girls – it is relaxed yet very timely and organized! Please see Ms. Amy for questions or issues. PLAN TO ARRIVE 30 minutes before you scheduled time. Everyone will receive a performance call time sheet in May.

Link to Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dance Recital Saturday – June 3rd 1:00pm and 4:30pm at 


851 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256

A parent NEEDS to drop dancer at drop of location in front lobby of auditorium ONLY 20 mins before scheduled recital. NOT EARLIER. Parents WILL not come in holding room unless volunteering, thank you for understanding. DON’T SEND ANYTHING BACKSTAGE – JUST WHAT KIDDO NEEDS with DANCE SHOES ON… no IPADS/PHONES etc…  Kids are safe and having fun! If your dancer has quick changes you can walk her costumes back to holding room, then please exit to auditorium in between dances to help them change. If you husband is in dad’s dance he will also come backstage 2 acts before end of show.

Dancer Schedule for Show #1

Dancer Schedule for Show #2


After each show we will CLOSE THE CURTAIN! And hold all students on stage. 1 parents that Ms. Amy or Ms. Erin knows will come all the way backstage and GET their dancers. This process seems busy but is very smooth and only takes 10 minutes. Please try to send 1 parent back to get kiddos as soon as show ends so we can make sure we can get everyone with a mom/dad. Then try to exit the stage as quickly as possible so we can expedite the process.

Dance Recital Ticket Sales Start Friday, MAY 12th at 7:00pm ONLINE

Tickets for both shows will be sold online again this year. This will be very similar to buying a ticket for a concert. You will go online and select seats, then you can print your tickets to bring with you the day of the show. VERY EASY! PLEASE… PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BUY TICKETS FOR CORRECT SHOW AND TIME! Tickets are going to be $15.00 (plus a service fee) and payments can be made with a credit card. We are ENCOURAGING EVERYONE TO BUY ONLINE, however in a RARE situation where you need to pay cash or check you can buy tickets on Monday nights at NRDA from5:30-7:30pm on May 22th & 29th. We will also sell tickets at the door the day of the show. Get tickets early! As always you can buy as many as you want or as few as you want. Last year we made some exceptions, but this year there will be NO REFUNDS.

*Set your calendar! Online Ticket Sales start May 12th at 7pm. Tickets sell out fast!

Dance Recital Tank Tops

The tank tops are $29.00 each and WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND each dancer purchasing one. We wear them in the annual North Royalton Parade which takes place in the summer… you can’t march without one. You do not need it for dance recital. Company members please purchase a tank top for future dance events. We have complete sizing kit at NRDA. Style for youth is slightly different then ladies FYI.


Cut above production will be handling our DVD this year. Please see link to order DVD. NO videotaping will be permitted in auditorium and NO! NO! Flash photography! It is distracting to dancers! A wonderful bonus is that the dancers in “holding room” back stage will be able to watch a LIVE FEED OF SHOW on TV!  There will be NO refunds on DVD’s ordered.

Professional Photos

We welcome back Elizabeth Glorioso Photography.

Sunday, May 21st 8:30-5:00pm

Our individual and GROUP dancer photos will be done on May 21st at NRDA. Please have dancer show up to NRDA 5 minutes before her time slot and completely ready for photos- due to tight schedule please plan to be at NRDA for 1 hour for this photo session (might be shorter). Ms. Amy will be on site to help pose all dancers and to check dancer’s hair/make-up as a trial run before dress rehearsal. PLEASE TRY TO SHOW UP ON TIME… this ensures we stay on schedule and everyone loves that! We will be taking girls/boys into photo room without mom/dad in order to make the process go much smoother.  We will also be taking GROUP photos this day so please try to make it to PHOTO day so we can take a complete group photo of classes.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE IN ADVANCE. We are HOPING to get everyone for group photos! We will have order forms at the studio closer to photo day. You will be able to view them online and decide to purchase later. If you purchase in advance the photographer will choose best pose for package.   Pre-sale orders will be at a discount versus online ordering. Photos will be ready to pick-up about 4 weeks after the recital at NRDA.   An e-mail will be sent out when these are ready for pick up. We will have a sneak peek available online about 2 weeks after photo shoot.

Send your dancer a message in our 2017 program

Send your dancer a message and add a photo to our 2017 recital program!!! All ads will be ¼ in size costing $35.00 each. Please send message and 1 photo to in the subject line for e-mail please write NRDA AD. Please send photos and messages ASAP…as we have limited space and the deadline is May 14th!

Tights, Costume & Make-Up

We will have high quality tights on sale at NRDA for $12.00 (this is typically less expensive than most stores). Please complete size on attached form for tight orders. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND OUR TIGHTS!!! Please just select on order form Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical or Acro. Hip-Hop. We will get you the correct tights. They will be ready for pick-up at NRDA 2 weeks before show.

Costumes will be sent home in early May (some have already gone home). Please take the costume out of the bag and hang on hanger in a safe, dry place. Be sure to write your child’s name on the costume, shoes, and tights.

You may choose your dancer’s show make-up colors. The stage is a far distance from the audience so make sure to apply enough make-up (base, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick). Any concerns with make-up will be addressed at dress rehearsal by NRDA staff. Some classes may make specific recommendations.  You will be notified if that is the case.

Information for Hair, Shoes and Tights 


We will be using online this year.  Ms. Amy prefers less people doing a great job than tons of people doing nothing! But we still need help.  More details to follow a week before show. If you are volunteering backstage, you CAN’T SNEAK TO THEATRE during show. (Sorry). If you are volunteering, please clear with Ms. Amy regarding any dancer’s siblings you plan to take to the dressing rooms. Sorry Dad’s, let’s stick to Mom volunteers due to costume changes. We ask that parents stay out of backstage if they are not volunteering due to safety, security and privacy of dancers.

Link to sign up: